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Baptist Men's Brotherhood
Brian Allen

Baptist Men On Mission (BMEN) is the missions catalyst for men through the North American Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention. 

In Baptist Men’s Brotherhood…we have a four “G” strategy:

  • Gathering of Men (Evangelism): Planned events that bring men together. Gathering events are high-interest activities that create opportunity for evangelism.
  • Grouping of Men: Moving the gathered men into short term relationship while building toward discipleship, ministry and missions.
  • Growing of Men (Discipleship): The goal is to create disciples who are called to walk with Christ, be equipped to live like Christ, and sent to work for Christ.
  • Going in Ministry/Missions: Opportunities for men to become involved in ministry and missions inside and outside the local church.

Men’s Ministry Objectives:

  • Lead men and boys in developing all the areas and aspects of their lives to become godly in their nature, relationship and demeanor.
  • Encourage men and boys to be involved personally in missions and evangelism.
  • Help men and boys to identify and develop their personal ministries.
  • Disciple men and boys in praying and giving to missions.
  • Cooperative, when possible, with other Christian men’s groups.